Photo Gallery

photos by Dorice Arden

"As Malik in Two Degrees"

"As Manuel in Barcelona"

"As Happy Lugo in Fallow"

"As ABA Pas De Deux Class Teacher in Center Stage"

"As Sergio, opposite Amy Brenneman in Mouth Wide Open"

As Ralph... having a smoke with the boy's and John C. Reilly in, "Marty"

Holding up Catherine Zeta-Jones in "Chicago"

Fabulation as Herve

Fabulation as Guy

Breezing on Belmont Parks Training Track at 15

West Side Story - in the middle as Bernardo

References To Salvador Dali Make Me Hot - as The Moon

Comedy of Errors - as Pinch

As Sgt. Nick Harris in Richard Vetere's "One Shot One Kill"

Sex & The City – taking a break with Kim Cattrall as “We” William

As Mjr. Hollander, taking a break with Kim Delaney between takes of "Army Wives"

A Hirshfeld of "On The Town"

A loving moment with Kate Suber in "On The Town"

As Charles in Part 1 of "East of Eden" directed by Jon Jory at Actors Theatre of Louisville

As Miguel in Edwin Sanchez's - "Diosa" at Hartford Stage

Humana Festivals, Premiering "Cloud Tectonic's" with Camillia Sanes as Anibal

As Pablo in "Mambo Kings" with Monica Salazar & Jaime Camil

Chita Rivera & I... opening nite of "Kiss Of The Spiderwoman"