SMALL - "Mr. Montano's physicality, humor, emotion, and passion of his performance is a tour de force rarely seen at such an extraordinary level in a single performance by any actor. His is a life of passion, determination, and joy - all on display in an amazing night of theatre.”

TWO DEGREES - "As the men in
Emma’s life, Montano keeps
gainfully busy portraying
Jeffrey as well as Eric, Senator
Allen’s exacting chief of staff,
and Malik, an extreme weather
carpenter at the Greenland station.
His impressive triple duty is more
than economical: it underscores
Emma’s fragility. Montano, does
a great job at making the characters
separate entities.”

BARCELONA - Robert Montano as
Manuel is sexy and you totally
get why any woman would risk
the potential danger to be alone
with him. And then he reveals such
vulnerability as the story unfolds
that it tears you apart.
- News Network

FALLOW - "Robert Montano, who has
spent much time on television and
Broadway is flawless. His portrayal
of Happy Lugo is exceptional and
exceptionally moving. You will
not want to miss him, I suspect,
in anything in which he performs."
- Examiner

SHAME - Film: "I would feel bad if I didn’t mention the one scene where Brandon actually goes out on a real date. It’s one of the most subtle, masterful pieces of comedy I’ve seen in a film in as long as I can remember, and all of the humor comes from the fact that they have a very bad waiter played by, Robert Montano."

*Fabulation – "Let it be said that nobody dips broccoli as smoothly as Robert Montano’s retro-dashing dastardly Argentine Herve. Mr. Montano, an actor new to me also plays Undine’s sweet savior, Guy, and he’s brilliant in both roles.”
– Playwrights Horizon – New York Post

*One Shot One Kill – “As the intense sniper, Sgt. Nick Harris played by Robert Montano, is a fierce and powerful actor. With a core of decency that keeps threatening to undermine his hard-bodied soldiering skills, Harris is painfully vulnerable to Royce’s mind-games. For all the intelligence that flashes out of Harris’s eyes, he can neither understand nor accept the essential inhumanity of his assassin’s work, and that moral uncertainty will be his undoing. It’s a soulful struggle, and Montano makes us feel every twinge of his doubt and confusion.”
– Primary Stages - Variety

*References To Salvador Dali Make Me Hot – “The Charismatic Montano captures the Army grunt, Benito’s, passion and frustration with aplomb. Unlisted in the program, the evening’s big surprise is Montano, who also plays the Moon. Appropriately sporting a curlicue Daliesque moustache, with wide eyes and expansive gestures, he is the perfect conjurer.”
– South Coast Repertory Theatre – LA Weekly

*Comedy of Errors - “Robert Montano, who plays the head butcher, Pinch, as well as a smooth-dancing merchant is outstanding in multiple roles. He has a lithe body and has natural stage presence.”
– Actors Theatre of Louisville – Courier-Journal

*A Chorus Line - "Robert Montano is perfectly cast as Zach, the director of a Broadway musical. He was brought in from the East. Montano made every word and note produce magic. He well deserved the thunderous applause and recognition of the highly responsive audience. Montano, as Zach, dances on stage for the finale and he’s as talented as the rest of the dancers."
- Lyric Theatre - ionOklahoma

*Diosa – “Miguel, a preening perfectionist as played with a comic edge by Robert Montano, a young Cesar Romero type, also an excellent dancer, manages to ground his character in reality. Montano is commandingly effective and delivers the most fascinating performance as the self absorbed Miguel.”
– Hartford Stage – Hartford Courant

*East of Eden – “Montano gives a stellar performance as the sad, angry Charles, crackling with unexpressed emotion and violence.”
– Actors Theatre of Louisville – Courier-Journal

*West Side Story - “Bernardo is acted with real ease and shrewdness by Robert Montano.”
– National Tour